Josh hepworthJosh HepworthRubyist and Co-founder of Friends of The Web.

I solve problems for people using technology. I'm a Partner at Friends of The Web, a web and mobile application services consultancy founded in Baltimore in 2011.

I write about Ruby and my tools in Articles. They're incredibly important to the efficiency and enjoyment of my work, so I'm inclined to share them. I also find Avdi's RubyTapas, the Ruby Weekly Newsletter, and to be excellent resources for expanding creative thinking around programming.

If you have questions about my work or coffee, reach out to me via email.



December 2015

Don't Be Afraid to Create a Class

June 2015

Using Variables to Communicate Intent

Communicating With Code
April 2015

What Class Methods Say

Communicating With Code
February 2015

Quality Code is Understandable

February 2015

An Introduction to the Command Line

Learning to Program Software
March 2014

Preface to Learning

Learning to Program Software
February 2014

Building Forms for Rails Associations with Cocoon

February 2014

Obfuscated Email in Rails mail_to

February 2014

Rebuilding Bundled Gems with Native Extensions

January 2014

Reading List

November 2013

Fix Bundle Install with OS X Postgres App

October 2013

Service Objects: Keeping It Simple

October 2013

Keeping Classes a Secret

July 2013

Tools for a Rubyist

May 2013